Introducing New VoMor Lash Extensions!

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As we age, eyelash follicles can slow or stop producing new lashes altogether. Aside from age, there are other reasons someone might not have enough lashes. These may include: scrubbing or rubbing eyelashes too hard, heredity, medical conditions, and some medications and treatments. With VoMor Lash, you are able to get the lashes you want in less than an hour.

Why VoMor Lash Is Different:

· Extremely lightweight and holds curl with incredible retention

· Fuller, thicker, healthier-looking lashes in less than an hour

· Aveda mission-aligned company values

· Available in 3 looks: Natural, Soft, and Strong



Initial Application 150

Application includes Lash Box and takes approximately 30-60 minutes.

3 Week Fill 50

VoMor Lash recommends a maintenance appointment be pre-booked for 3 weeks after an initial application.



Lash Box 100

Available in Strong, Natural, and Soft